Saturday, 31 December 2011


So what to do with your hair tonight... or any other big night. Skip a trip to the salon with these super-easy, yet chic hairstyles you can try yourself.


This would be for a messy ponytail with a bit of body. Backcomb hair at the base, pulling it straight up in sections, spraying each with hairspray. If you want extra body, try a dry shampoo and/or lightly curl your hair first. Using a paddle brush, smooth into a high, low, or even side pony. Take one small section of hair from the ponytail, wrap it around the elastic band and use a bobby pin to secure.


Gather hair into either a high, low or side pony tail with a smoothing paddle brush. Twist hair to create the bun, try it loose or tight. For a messy bun, loosely backcomb the hair before twisting. Secure bun with bobby pins and spray with Hairspray.


Another option is the messy side bun, where you would curl all your hair first, skip the ponytail and just loosely twist and pin in place. Throw in some braids if you'd like. This can be a good option since you are not going for perfection. Add a texturizing or salt spray to make your hair easier to work with.

Friday, 30 December 2011


... 11 ways. This "collage" is kind of hilarious, but hopefully serves it's purpose. I wanted to show how a simple, black leather skirt can be mixed into so many looks. This particular skirt is on sale right now at Zara for just $49.99. Yes folks, for real leather!

I must say, I did even better than that. Years ago I bought a leather mini and a leather pencil skirt, both at thrift stores for around $12 each. You might want to check a thrift store first, since I see so many there when I go.

They have remained useful in my wardrobe for the past 5 years and I will continue pulling them out. I haven't decided for sure, but it might even be my NYE look???

Thursday, 29 December 2011


I am often asked how to get glitter to actually stay put, so here is a quick "how-to" in case you want to go for this look for a NYE party! You can use any glitter from the craft store, a dollar store, or my faves are from MAC and Make Up Forever.

 Here's a quick version I did late last night, just to give you an idea:

I like the glitter to be somewhat subtle, so it's just peeking out. Going overboard
can be a bit tacky or theatrical looking (like Cher's stage makeup LOL). 

1. Prime the lid, using a primer or a paint.
2. Apply an eyeshadow that compliments the glitter you are using. Be sure to blend the edges carefully, since you can't blend easily once the glitter is placed.
3. Add eyeliner.
4. Now the sticky part, apply either a thin layer of gloss (I like MAC Gloss Texture) or Duo lash adhesive. Then, using a flat brush, dip into your glitter and pat on. *The gloss gives a "worn-in" look, since it does crease, but the glue is a bit trickier to work with.
5. Apply some false lashes, even in the outer corners only if you'd like.

Products used:
-MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot (all over)
-L'Oreal Pure Silver eyeshadow (lid, lower lash line)
-MAC Black Tied eyeshadow (outer corner, lower lash line)
-ELF White Shimmer eyeshadow (from a palette, inner corners, brow bone)
-MAC Blacktrax Fluidline eyeliner (top, winged up)
-MAC Pro Soft Yellow eyeliner (inner rim)
-MAC Gloss Texture (lid)
-MAC 3D Silver Glitter (lid)
-Clinique Lash-Doubling Mascara
-Outer corner lashes (pair from Ardell, cut in half)

Wednesday, 28 December 2011


New Years/Party looks under $100
(half of them are under $33!)



 Urban Outfitters
Sale $29.99


Sale $33

Sale $29



Sale $29.99
Sale $29.99

nye x f21

f21 x nye

Did all that Christmas shopping tap your bank account, but you still need to look great for New Years Eve? Forever 21 to the rescue with tons of party looks, most in the $20-35 range!

Another reason I love F21 is for all of their amazingly affordable accesories. Take a basic little black dress you already own to the next level by adding trendy statement jewelry, a hair piece, or unique tights.

NYE is a great time to get a little more daring with your look, so go for it! I'll be back with more looks that are currently on-sale or are, as always, under $100 :).

$23 -

$30 -

Forever21 criss cross dress
$25 -

Forever21 sleeved dress
$25 -

Forever21 sleeved dress
$20 -

Forever21 longsleeve dress
$33 -

Forever21 body conscious dress
$25 -

Forever21 fitted cocktail dress
$30 -

Forever21 sequin mesh dress
$30 -

Forever21 dress
$33 -

Forever21 lightweight skirt
$15 -

Forever21 lightweight skirt
$25 -

Forever21 lightweight skirt
$18 -

Forever21 metallic mini skirt
$20 -

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