Saturday, 26 May 2012


colour mix

The other day, while teaching my makeup class, I was flipping through the Master Kevyn Aucoin's "Making Faces" book. I can honestly say that this book inspired me to become a Makeup Artist. I was rather lost, working an office job while I was deciding what to do with my career. One day I went to the library and took out this book. I loved it so much that I went and bought it, as well as "Face Forward." I would sit in front of my mirror and try to recreate his looks and it dawned on me that I should take a makeup course. The rest is history, so I am very thankful for finding his book that day.

I am currently drawn to this look he did on Kate Moss. I love the myriad of colours he has delicately mixed around her eyes for such a pretty and fresh look.

Here is how I might achieve a look like this:
1. Start with a sheer foundation. I recently tried Nars new tinted moisturizer and it is glorious!!! If you are on a tight budget, maybe go for Covergirl Natureluxe.
2. Apply a golden base all over eyes, such as this golden primer by Urban Decay or MAC Base Light paint around the entire eye (up to brow bone and under eyes as well).
3. Very sparingly apply green shadow to top inner corners, outer corner and lower lash line.
4. Apply a small amount of shimmery teal shadow to bottom, outer lash line and blend.
5. Curl lashes well and apply lots of your favourite mascara.
6. Sweep a pretty pink blush, such as this one by Bobbi Brown, along temples and cheekbones.
7. Apply any brownish-pink lipstick, like this one from MAC, and top with a coat of any matching or clear gloss.

Use this same technique to mix other colours on your eyes as well!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

bust it

Currently looking for a cute bustier. I love them with high-waisted skirts/pants/shorts or peaking out of a blazer or cardigan (keep it classy y'all ;). Here are some that are looking tempting so far... all $32 or less.

Forever 21 $15.80

Forever 21 $17.80
Urban Outfitters Sale- $19.99
Urban Outfitters Sale- $19.99
Topshop $30
Topshop $32
Topshop $32
River Island (@ Asos) $28.23
Zara $19.90

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

oh zit!

oh zit!

Recently I've suffered a minor breakout attack on my chin. It was that "time" of the month, I ate a bunch of crap on the weekend and voila... zit central. I will say that I don't usually get many breakouts, but the odd one does pop up. I usually cause a scar because I just can't leave it alone!

This time I haven't squeezed, but instead effectively treated them. I had about 3 zits in one spot on my chin, which was rather annoying. First I cleansed and very gently exfoliated the area with a washcloth. I've alternated between Origins Checks and Balances cleanser and my good old Aveeno Face bar. Next I dab a little bit of Tea Tree Oil directly on the spot. 

If I need to cover it, I've been using my Clinique Redness Solutions Mineral Powder, followed by the tiniest amount of MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer, with more of the powder on top. I think that putting a creamy concealer directly on the spots could clog the pore further, so I prefer a mineral powder directly on top of the problem. If I am not going out anywhere major and just need fair coverage, I will avoid concealer and just use a small brush to tap mineral foundation such as MAC Mineralize (or this Bare Escentuals set seems cool) on the spots. Mineral powder is natural so I would see being gentler on the breakout and it seems to help dry the spot.

I think that the most common problem I see out there is people using harsh products on their entire face when they only have small amounts of breakouts in certain areas. Sometimes they dry and irritate their entire face. I would prefer to be gentle on the skin, and spot treat with active ingredients (such as salicylic acid and/or tea tree oil) on pimples. I would use a gel like this one from Murad, or any other trusted acne line. Please avoid any roller-balls or applicators that have a wand you re-use and this is what we makeup artists call cross-contamination (meaning the bacteria can get inside the product and grow, gross!). Use a q-tip to apply directly to pimple and discard.

Also, when covering acne with makeup, cover the spots more carefully, but leave the good skin alone. I've seen some wear a thick mask of foundation on their entire face, when really they just need to conceal spot-by-spot. If mineral powder isn't enough for you, go for a concealer (like this one from Clinique) made specifically for covering pimples. If you still want to wear your usual foundation, I might try a special primer, such as Cover FX Clearprep Face Primer on areas of breakouts. This has active ingredients to treat the problem areas, plus it creates a thin layer of protection between your skin and the foundation. 

I hope this helps! Feel free to comment below on any other products you have found helpful to zap zits.

Clinique face powder
$33 -

£14 -

Cover FX face care
$39 -

Origins face cleanser
$20 -

Murad face care
$18 -

Bare Escentuals beauty product
$25 -

Beauty product
$14 -

Friday, 11 May 2012

Mary Kantrantzou

Last night I attended another amazing event at "The Room" in The Bay Vancouver. I was invited by my lovely Stylist friend, Coreen Miller. What an honour it was to be in the presence of Mary, as she is SUCH a talented designer. This woman is going places, with that creativity, attention to detail and the most amazing prints, it seems like she has something for everyone in the collection. 

The merchandising at The Room is always impeccable 
Gorgeous knits
Vibrant colour!
Amazing structure
This was my favourite from the runway for A/W '12 (it was shown
in my post for LFW). Even better up close!
Look at that print!
DIED over this dress, so feminine, sheer and delicate, yet it
still has such a pretty pop of colour. 
The pencil dress, literally has tons of pencils attached (rumoured
price $80,000). Definitely a piece of artwork.

Friday, 4 May 2012

RHOV- Reiko

I had to keep it a secret for sooooo long, but I was thrilled when my long-time client Reiko Mackenzie was chosen to be on the show "Real Housewives of Vancouver". During filming, I did her makeup for most events (the show hires their own MUA for the opening of the show, as well as their interviews that come on during the show).

I met Reiko when she was pregnant with her second daughter, Alize. She found my website and called me out to do makeup for her pregnancy photo shoot. Soon after, she called me to do makeup for her baby shower and once baby arrived, for her family photo shoot. Since then I have been doing her makeup on-call, whenever she needs. I love working with her as she is a great person and always willing to try new things, which my fashion makeup side adores.

A little bit about the makeup I do on Reiko: we have tried various foundations on her, such as Armani Luminous Silk, MUF HD, and MAC Matchmaster. She likes her makeup somewhat dramatic, but not over the top. A natural beauty, she is brave enough to go on camera make-up free (I'm not sure I could do that!), so she doesn't need tons of makeup to look great.

We tend to do a lot of shimmering, smokey eyes in purple tones since it brings out the green in her eyes. Lately I am loving using the Naked 2 palette on her for these looks. Some days we go for bronze-y eyes when she wants a softer look. My fave was actually the retro look we did on her for the girls meeting at Coast, light eyes with liquid liner and MAC Morange mixed with Neon Orange on her lips!  (last photo below)

Lips are usually nude colours though. Of all things, I actually have a Rimmel liner that is our fave but it's been discontinued, so I have since purchased a nude liner from Boots No. 7 (at Target) to use on her. Glosses range from milky to slightly shimmery nude pinks and beige's. For bronzer, I usually go for "Bronze" from MAC on her. It's a bit darker than most, and she does usually have a bit of colour from travelling to her home in Mexico during the year. Blushes are various peachy-pink tones, such as MAC Fleur Power or Nars Orgasm.

Here are some screenshots from events that have been on the show so far, where I have done Reiko's makeup. I'll post more as the show unveils :)

**Want to meet Reiko? She is hosting this event for the NOH8 campaign on Tues, May 8th. For all the details, feel free to check out the event page at
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