Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Coachella '12 Fashion Diary

So I took a little hiatus for a couple of weeks and went on an epic road trip to Coachella. It was a crazy ride, going down from Vancouver, through Washington, Oregon, staying the first night in Redding California, then a day trip to San Francisco, followed by a late night arrival in LA. Two nights in LA, then over through Palm Springs to Indio for the fest.

The festival was amazing! As a newbie, there were definitely some lessons learned (extremely cold, late night waiting for a taxi for hours... no more taxis and packed more clothes for the next evening). The fashion there was awesome, I was constantly looking around at what guys and girls were wearing. Some people kept it simple, while others went all out. I was going somewhere in between I think, having a little more fun but not going too crazy. 

If you didn`t find the perfect outfit, no worries... they had a vintage shop on site:

First day`s look- Top: Urban Outfitters (online) | Skirt: funny story, my skirt didn`t arrive from Asos in time (I think due to Easter Holidays) so I ended up using a tank top I`d just bought at Forever 21 as a skirt by rolling down the top on my hips LOL | Boots: Nine west | Hat: Aldo | Necklace: Forever 21

Day 1: Evening
I was totally unprepared for how cold it was, it was soooo horrible that first night! I basically threw on a denim shirt at first, just for some warmth. Here I am with a blinking Nick Simmons:
Later I added some tights I'd asked my friends to bring me from our hotel, and put on the tank I'd used as a skirt earlier. I also put a T-shirt that was a giveaway underneath since I was frozen LOL. 
Demin Top: Gap | Faux leather leggings: Forever 21 (rest is same as day)

Day 2 revolved around wearing a special piece- a breastplate from my Aunt's line "Artifaax" which she kindly lent me for the trip. Top: Vintage | Shorts: old 7's I cut myself | Sandals: Spring | 
Purse/Belt: vintage | Sunglasses: Michael Kors | Necklace: Artifaax

Day 2: Evening
After freezing my butt off the first night, I totally bundled up the second night. I may have been a bit exaggerated because I was pretty warm in all those layers LOL. Tops: Vintage | Coat: Le Chateau | Scarf/Pants: Forever 21 (shoes were Converse)

Day 3: This was probably my most fun/outrageous (for me) outfit. Top: Anna Kosturova (local line of amazing crochet-wear, I got asked by quite a few people where I got this piece) | Skirt/Sandals: Ross | Headpiece: Urban Outfitters 

There I am in the background of a paparazzi pic of Fergie LOL. I told her she was f**king hot and she said "aw, you are!" and grabbed my hand. I loved her outfit, she's a cool chick.

Day 3: Evening
OK, so I don't have any good pics of this look... they are actually quite horrible, but I am wearing
Dress: Joe Fresh | Boots/Hat: Urban Outfitters 

I must say that I had a lot of fun gathering inspiration, sourcing and finding the best deals I could. I honestly did not spend a lot on these outfits since everything was on sale! We are already planning for next year's trip so I'm looking forward to using some of our new-found expertise to plan an even better trip! Who's coming along??? ;)

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