Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Low-cost Make Up Brushes

Here are some of my favourite, inexpensive makeup brushes. I find they can make great gift items since they are affordable (a few family members received the EcoTools set from me last year) and quite useful for the recipient.

Even though I have tons of brushes, I like to have these handy for myself for quick touch-ups and travel. Some of the ELF brushes are actually in my brush belt for my professional work. They are so cheap and work great!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Love sequins? Here are some lovely, shining pieces to brighten things up this Winter... all under $100.
Joe Fresh $19

Forever 21 $27.50

Forever 21 $32.80 US
Urban Outfitters $32 US
Forever 21 $32.80 US

Zara $99

Forever 21 19.80 US

Material Girl
Sale $16.80 @ The Bay
Forever 21 $15.50 US
Joe Fresh $39

Forever 21 $22.80 US
Urban Outfitters
Sale $99
Top- Forever 21
$35.80 US
Forever 21 $19.80 US

H&M $59.95

Forever 21 $27.80

Monday, 28 November 2011


Watches can be a big ticket item. I get it, they can definitely be an investment piece, since many people wear them for years. However, if you can't afford to shell out around $300 or so for a watch, I have found some pretty good alternatives.
The highly-coveted MK
Runway $300 at The Bay
Michael Kors
$300 at The Bay
Marc by Marc Jacobs
$210 at The Bay


More Affordable Options:
 Guess $170
at The Bay
Nixon Time Teller
$100 US

Asos Chronograph
River Island

$42 at Wal-Mart

Urban Outfitters
(with interchangable straps)
$39 US

$39 at Wal-Mart

Urban Outfitters
$29 US

Sunday, 27 November 2011


A few months ago I purchased my first Deborah Lippmann nail lacquer in "Up in the Air". I hadn't seen anything like it, so I figured it'd be worth it for myself and for my kit for photo shoots. I went on to purchase "Happy Birthday", a multi-coloured glitter explosion which is literally a party on your nails.

The downside is that they cost around $15-18 per bottle! After the second bottle, I figured that really, I could mix any colour(s) of glitter into a clear nail polish to create my own.

Well, luckily other brands have caught on... and now there are tons of glitter polishes out there! Everything from drug store brands to salon brands made their own, but the best deal I have found is through good old Forever 21 at $3.80 per bottle.

1st purchase:
"Up in the Air"

2nd Purchase:
"Happy Birthday"

Probably would have been my 3rd
purchase "Some Enchanted Evening"
(but will probably get
the similar one below)

Just some of the selection of
glitter polish at Forever 21
Only $3.80 

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Gorgeous +

Gorgeous +

Who says you need to be a size 2 to enjoy fashion? I feel that at any size, you can put yourself together in a way that makes you feel great. I love that Forever 21 carries a Plus Size line that is trendy and affordable.

I think it's sad when women put off dressing nice because they are waiting until they lose weight. Even if you do have plans, love yourself at any size and make the most of where you are at, at this moment in time.

We all have our body hang ups, so try to work with silhouettes that will best flatter you. Most importantly, wear what feels good; not clothes that dig in certain areas, are too clingy, or anything that you have to fidget with. Take time to try clothes on to find items that fit well (move around, even sit down in them). I've wasted a lot of money in the past buying items that didn't work well for me because they were uncomfortable or unflattering.

I know sometimes shopping can be tough, so concentrate on good basics at first (suits, jeans, and casual tops to mix & match) and don't forget how much nice hair, make up, shoes and accessories can complete a fabulous look!

Links to the items shown above:

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