Monday, 28 November 2011


Watches can be a big ticket item. I get it, they can definitely be an investment piece, since many people wear them for years. However, if you can't afford to shell out around $300 or so for a watch, I have found some pretty good alternatives.
The highly-coveted MK
Runway $300 at The Bay
Michael Kors
$300 at The Bay
Marc by Marc Jacobs
$210 at The Bay


More Affordable Options:
 Guess $170
at The Bay
Nixon Time Teller
$100 US

Asos Chronograph
River Island

$42 at Wal-Mart

Urban Outfitters
(with interchangable straps)
$39 US

$39 at Wal-Mart

Urban Outfitters
$29 US

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