Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Pump It

It's been challenging to find the perfect pair of affordable pumps; a pair that looks modern, yet classic. I've noticed that the point should be slightly shorter than the ones I used to rock in 2004. Kate Moss and Rachel Bilson know a classic, and favour the Louboutin "Pigalle". I have to admit, nothing I've seen can beat these, so sexy yet understated... but totally out of my budget.

I'm also feeling red pumps with a pair of black leather pants, cuffed jeans or a mini (á la Isabel Marant/Balmain).

Chinese Laundry $79.95

Sascha London $100
Spring Frilamy (in Velvet)
On Sale for $39.98
Chinese Laundry $79.95
Zara $79.98
Steve Madden Lennaa $79.95
Forever 21 $17.95
(Least fave, but 
so affordable) 

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