Friday, 25 November 2011


I remember when I was little, my Grandma would take me out on the weekends to thrift stores, garage sales and flea markets. I remember thinking that Value Village was stinky and not loving it so much.

When I was pregnant, I started checking out those stores since many of the baby clothes were almost new and cheaper than at the consignment stores. I found my lil' guy some really cute items; good quailty, name brands and in great condition. Soon after, I started browsing the Woman's clothing, and with some searching I've found some great pieces.

My first attraction was the Vintage section. I bought some cool retro tops for much less than I'd paid at vintage shops downtown. Next it was denim, I've found several pairs of jeans that retail for around $200. The last bug to hit me was shoes. I have to admit, I'm a bit of a germaphobe, so I was hesistant. All I do now is use a cotton ball with alcohol to sanitize the insides when I get home.

For me, thrift shopping can be a source of leisure and enjoyment. The thrill of the find is addictive, so I do limit how often I go and how much I can take home. I will say that lately the prices have been increasing drastically at the larger chain stores, so be sure to check out the smaller ones.

Here is a look at what I stumbled upon a couple of days ago at a Thrift Store. The only thing I bought were the J-Brand jeans (below-right, for a LOT less than the $200 or so they cost new).

Leather Woven Oxfords

Vintage Leather Platforms

Perfect for hipsters ;)

Leather Nine West Ankle Boots

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