Thursday, 4 October 2012

PFW SS '13 Pt 2

Here is Part 2 of my Paris Fashion Week picks. My favourite collections in this post are Barbara Bui, Elie Saab (I'd probably wear one of their dresses if I were say, going to the Oscars) and the leather at Loewe.

Overall, I found all the Spring/Summer 2013 shows very inspiring. There were so many different moods using tons of various trends. I saw some cool use of laser cutting, half-suits, Indian-inspired fabric draping and new ways of covering the body, while exposing it more than ever, with strategic placement of opaque and sheer fabrics.  I am still loving bold colours and white-on-white looks too.

It's such an exciting time in fashion with so much creativity, amazing craftsmanship and a urge for individualism (not just carbon copies, all running around in the same trends). With bloggers, street style photographers, affordable lines, vintage/thrift stores... if feels like the possibilities are endless. We can use the genius of many designers as a jumping board to dress in a way that is all our own!

Barbara Bui

Elie Saab


Miu Miu

Vivienne Westwood
Paco Rabbane


Ann Demeulemeester

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