Tuesday, 17 July 2012


easy breezy

So here is yet another extremely simple look I thought was good for the Summer, or really anytime!

1. Moisturize skin/apply SPF and then dab your fave concealer where needed. I like MAC Pro Longwear in the Summer since it stays put longer in the heat and humidity.
2. Apply some longwear concealer or primer as a base on the eyes and apply a golden brown shade of eyeshadow, like the second in on the right (golden brown) from this Tarte set. Swipe a little under the eyes too.
3. Curl lashes really well! I just had a lash perm done and it's been great! Then apply thin, long coats of mascara to get extra length without too much volume. You can wipe your mascara to take of the excess product to help with this effect.
4. Smile and dab a hot pink cream blush, like this Make Up Forever HD one. Apply to the apples of the cheeks and slightly up the cheekbones (I tell my students to imagine a tear drop/egg shape). Dab a little bit onto your lips.
5. My brows are sparse in some areas, so I lightly filled them in with a MAC Brow pencil.

That's it... done! This is a very natural look, which is great for days when you are in a rush or it's so hot that you don't want to be layered in makeup.

This is what it looked like on moi:

Here are links to the products used (I used Clinique Mascara though, I actually really dislike the one from Tarte that comes in the set shown :s):

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