Wednesday, 15 August 2012



I've been loving this trend for quite a while now. I bought a special edition Sephora nail color in "Going Nude Eh" after Christmas. This colour was part of a collection designed by the amazing runway Nail artist Sophy Robson (

I used the colour on a couple of photo shoots and I loved how easy it was to apply and how it made the models hands look clean and chic. I recently put it on my toes and loved it so much for a nice, neutral look when you are wearing sandals and open-toed shoes for the Summer.

I had a tough time finding it at the time, but now there are tons of flesh-toned polishes out there (check out the links below for some of them). I'm also really loving a nude-coloured/beigey nail with a dark, pastel or neon French tip.

Here is another idea which is a neon pink heart on a flesh-toned nail...

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