Sunday, 26 August 2012



It's backkkk. Did it ever really go away? I guess it kind of did. Camouflage everything! Coats, pants, bags, laptop cases, tops, etc. I'd say this is a trend that you can probably easily find at thrift and vintage stores. I also love army surplus shops for the real-deal.

Topshop featured a lot of camo in their Fall 2012 campaign. I lovvvve the look of mixing such a casual jacket with a pretty skirt or fancy shoes:

These Forever 21 pants are nice, with just a hint of camo print. To me, it makes them look a bit more modern, and for only $29.80 they are such a good deal! 

As usual, Zara is on it, I think their pieces are some of my faves. Those pants (below, right) are so hot! These all range from $59-79.90

Or steal a look from the boys (or get these for your man!), these Ralph Lauren Camo Cargo pants are on sale at The Bay for only $39.99, and the T is from Zara for just $29.90

There's even camo IPhone/IPad cases! This one is from Zara for $19.90

Links to the looks in the collage (top):

ASOS top

$110 -

Military style jacket

Camo legging

Printed bag

Camo Laptop Case

Current/Elliott Multi Zip Stiletto Jeans
$210 -

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