Friday, 25 January 2013

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current skin-care

Here's my current skincare likes & routine:

  • Wash- daily, with Dove sensitive skin bar
  • Exfoliate- 1-2 times per week- cover my face with "Natures Gate" all-natural lotion, rub some Dove sensitive skin bar on my Clarisonic and get some exfoliating going on. I find that my skin is so sensitive that the lotion helps keep it soft and protected while it's being scrubbed.
  • Moisturizers- currently switching between the following. For normal areas, either Embryolisse Lait-Concentrate, Origins Starting Over Age Erasing Cream, Avene Redness Relief SPF 25 and for dry patches Avene Cicalfate or Avene Skin Calming Recovery Cream (in Rich Formula)

I'm really loving the Avene line right now. It's nice and rich (great for my skin which is drier in the Winter months). They do have lines for oily/acne-prone skin as well. The prices are decent too (check for sales at London Drugs and other drugstores). 

I also bought Nivea skin creme after reading that many models use it, and keep it in my car for my hands and face as needed. I thought my skin would be too sensitive for it, but it's actually nice (and only $3.95 for a small tube!).

I also like to do home-made masks from time to time. I usually blend a fruit (such as berries, for the apha-hydroxy acid content), with a fat (such as avocado or coconut, for the moisture) and something to hold it together (oatmeal is good, soothing). Throw it in the blender and apply to your face. 

I also tried a sample of a mask that one of my friends ordered online called "Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay". I will say that it stinks soooo badly (it's made from 100% Bentonite, aka Green Clay), but it did work quite well. She'd heard about it through some friends in the US and found it here on Amazon (it's only $6.79!). It tightens your face, cleans out your pores and doesn't dry your skin out like any other clay mask I've ever tried. I think I will order a jar.

As a side note, for body I find in Winter the easiest thing to do is add some oil to your bath. Try grape-seed, coconut, olive, almond or jojoba oils. It gets all over your entire body, and holds the moisture in your skin when you get out. Add some essential oils if you want to smell great too (I love lavender, rose, bergamot and geranium).

Here are some links to some of the skin products I mentioned:
Origins face moisturizer
48 CAD -

Face moisturizer
23 CAD -

53 CAD -

Clarisonic Blue Mia
190 CAD -

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