Friday, 29 June 2012

oh Canada!

Canada <3

Happy Canada Day! Here are some ways to show some pride, without covering yourself in tacky flag tees you might not wear until July 1, 2013 ;). Keep it subtle with sparkling red nail polish or a T of a fave Canadian band or musician (I love this Vintage-look Neil Young T!), a red (or red & white) T. I do find there are some shirts, jackets and hoodies that say "Canada" but could definitely be worn year round. My faves were from Urban Outfitters, The Bay and Lancaster Ltd.

Hope you have a great long weekend!!!!

Graphic design tee
$29 -

Homage Canada Leaf Tee
$24 -

Forever 21 red glitter nail polish
$1.96 -

The Bay | Women's | Olympics
$80 -

the Bay
$60 -

The Bay | Women's | Olympics
$20 -

Girls Clothes: Sale | Old Navy
$3 -

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