Thursday, 14 June 2012

MAC S/S '12

MAC Summer '12

I recently obtained a little "haul" of new MAC products that are out right now, most for a limited time. I love taking advantage of the newest products from MAC since I love that they are always coming out with new and exciting collections.

I didn't realize it at the time, but what I got went together for such a quick and easy look! I love that! Here is how I used them and a little review of each product:

1.  I started out with the new Mineralize Concealer, which I must say I love! The texture is quite silky, making it easy to blend. I put a few swipes on my face and blended into the moisturizer I had on (MAC Comfort Creme), then patted a little more under my eyes and over any redness.

2. Next I used this new "Shade & Smoke Shadow Liner" and OMG... this thing rocks! It's so handy. I used the white lightly under my brows and in my inner corners of my eyes. Then I wrapped the black in a smokey line around my lashline and blended out the edges. I know Covergirl does something similar as well (which I haven't tried).

After that, I curled my lashes and tried the new MAC "Extended Play Mascara". If you were a Maybelline "Lash Discovery" fan, you will probably like this one. The brush is nice and thin, making it easy to reach all of your lashes... especially great on small eyes like mine.

3. Next I threw on a little bit of this new "Hey Sailor Pro Longwear Bronzing Powder" in the colour "Nude on Board" just to give my face a little dimension. I love this honey tone of this bronzer on a pale girl like myself, and it's supposed to stay on longer which will be great on hot days.

4. Onto another product I am lovinggggg... these little pots called "Casual Colour". I've loved Bobbi Brown's "Pot Rouge" for awhile now, so I was glad that MAC came out with something similar. Basically it's a creamy colour that can be used on lips and cheeks. I love multi-purpose and easy to apply products, so these are brilliant. They give the cheeks a dewy look without shimmer which is great on young to mature skin. I used "Relaxation", but I also got "Lazy Sunday" and "Keep it Casual".

5. "To the Beach Bronze Body Oil" is very similar to NARS "Body Glow". Also from their summer collection "Hey Sailor", this is great for that summery glow on face and body. I rubbed a little into my shoulders, arms, legs and tapped just what was left on the tops of my cheekbones.

So that was it! I had this look done in 10 minutes and was good to go. There are lots of similar products you can use instead, but just thought I'd tell you about the ones I was impressed by. Now just waiting for the Vancouver sunshine to join us to I can get into the Summertime spirit!

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