Saturday, 15 September 2012

$60 x F21 BOGO

$60 x F21 BOGO

I tweeted yesterday about how I bought 11 pieces in the Forever 21 Buy One, Get One Free (aka BOGO) sale, so just thought I'd share what my $60 got me. They had a BOGO sale recently, but I wasn't loving the selection, whereas this time (end of season) the selection is huge! There are definitely limited sizes though.

I did the BOGO sale from them once before (which I'd posted about under winter-haul) and I have worn so many of the pieces I bought that time again and again. Actually, all of the denim I bought that time around have definitely become wardrobe staples for me. I seem to be good on the denim/pants front, so this time I went for more tops. I am often attracted to certain clothes that I buy and wear once, because they aren't the type of thing I will just throw on day-to-day for work, etc. So I've tried to pick very basic, casual tops I can easily wear. Well, with the exception of the fringe, crochet halter (that's for next Spring/Summer).

I'm also loving baby doll dresses right now since you can wear them really casual or dress them up, so I thought the floral one with a drop waist was cute. The orange dress kind of reminds me of the silhouette of a Victoria Beckham dress (yes, a much cheaper version), but I can see myself wearing it to a party or more formal event. I love the orange mixed with nude. That denim skirt will probably by very useful, since I don't like wearing my short ones too often and we are going into Fall. The Mickey top is just cute, more for days off etc. I love the colours in the tie-dye, and hey... even Marc Jacobs had Mickey Mouse tops on the runway last week so maybe it will actually be trendy ;).

Oh, and the headband is funny... my total was just short of $60 and that's the minimum you need to spend to get free shipping, so I threw it in for $1.50. I'll probably keep that one in the washroom for when I wash my face LOL. So I'd have to say this was one of my best hauls to date, with each piece averaging out to only $5.45! I've found some other great deals recently which I will try to post about soon as well. I will definitely have a lot to choose from for the upcoming season!

PS- the BOGO sale ends tomorrow (Sept. 16th) so make sure to check it out online or in stores.

Links to all of the pieces purchased:

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