Friday, 16 December 2011


Last night I read Coco Rocha's speech on the modeling industry and how many models are expected to be far too thin ( and I had to write in response. Being a Make Up Artist, I have witnessed how this affects many girls first-hand. I chat with models and some confide that they have been told to lose weight, or that they are too large for certain markets.

One model smoked cigarettes all day and drank cup after cup of coffee. Another told me about staying in Paris with a group of models who scolded her when they saw her eating, yet she couldn't understand why they were always eating ice cream. I've heard ice cream is a preferred binge for bulimics, since it's easier to purge... so I'll take a guess on that one.

I agree with Coco's views on promoting healthy-looking models and not those on the brink of starvation. For me, this quote from Coco's speech summed it up: "To this day I question how anyone can justify an aesthetic that reduces a woman or child to an emaciated skeleton. Surely fashion’s aesthetic should enhance and beautify the human form, not destroy it."

This topic doesn't just affect models, but women in general. So many are competitve about being the "thinnest", when I think it's better to just focus on being the best you can be, in the frame you naturally have.

I am not saying women shouldn't be thin, some are naturally, but this doesn't look healthy to me:

Victoria's Secret is known for accepting "larger" sized models. Tyra Banks is very open
about them being the only show to hire her later in her career. I found these pics on 
"Celebrity Gossip 24/7" stating that "Curvy is out and Scary Skinny is in":

Glamour Magazine made a statement with this spread of nude "Plus Size" models:

Many of my favourite beauties are from the 50's era;
they looked gorgeous and vibrant in a whole range of figures.

Some famously curvaceous stars of today:

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