Monday, 19 December 2011



Leopard is definitely staying on trend, season after season. I never seem to get bored of it and how it can add to your outfit. I tend to go in small doses, like shoes, cardigan, scarf or clutch.

I will say to be careful with animal prints, some look horribly cheap. Bad leopard print is just plain bad (for example the extra-orange, fake, plastic-y, shiny types).

Top Shop $56
Bakers Sale $49.99
H By Halston 
$54.99 US
Topshop $64

Bakers $49
Zara $59.50
Aldo "Meese" $100
Zara $69.98

Topshop $58
Forever 21 $29.80

Some examples of what I consider BAD Leopard Print 
(all from Forever 21):

 Items in collage (top):

Zara leopard top
$50 -

Zara short top
$50 -

OUTERWEAR - 2000024350
$38 -

$50 -

Urban Planet
$35 -


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