Monday, 5 December 2011


Thanks to Sara for requesting I do a post on Men's fashion. This can be a tricky one, since my hubby seems to rebel against what I try to get him to wear a lot of the time. He says I want him to dress too "metro-sexual". I think that I just want him to dress a bit more fashionable than his regular old T-shirts and jeans.

Here are some ideas of casual to formal looks for men that are all under $100. I'll be sure to post more Men's features in the future, hopefully it can help guys... or the girls buying for their guys :).

H&M Plaid Shirt $29.95
Layered over "Grandad Shirt" $29.95

Topman Waffle Shirt
$11 @ The Bay
Good for layering

Topman Hoody $49
(I've found similar ones for
around $20 at Urban Planet,
useful for casual looks)

Forever 21 Wool-Blend
Coat $63.90
Great for dressing up or down

H&M Sweater $34.95
Spring Men's Leather
Combat Boot $99
Again, versatile for dressing up
or casual looks

2 outer- Urban Outfitters sale $16.99
Center- Topman $44
Rock T's can be great (of bands you actually like)

Skip the silly T's with goofy captions please ;)

Forever 21 $12.90 
Nice Scarves can spruce
up Men's basics

H&M Men's Blazers, regular or velvet
Zara V-Neck $25.90
you can find these everywhere,
make sure to have basic,
solid colour shirts

H&M Slim Fit Trousers $24.95
I buy my 5 yr-old the kids
equivalent and they are so
useful. At that price, I'd
buy all 3 colours!

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