Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Recently I've been noticing a lot of little "sales" going on around town. A couple of weeks ago I went to my first "Blogger Sale" at the Waldorf Hotel here in Vancouver. My friends and I were shocked to arrive to a line up that wrapped around the building! Once inside, it did seem it was worth the wait. I ended up purchasing black Converse for only $15 (now I match my 5 year old LOL) and a brand new sleeveless blazer vest for $25.

This past weekend, I decided to stop in at the "Beggars Banquet" (located in the Boneta space in Gastown). This sale is on-going and I can already say I will be back... I could have dropped a lot of cash in there I tell you. 

There was a great mix of vendors, and as a vintage-lover, tons to choose from. I'm used to searching through huge second-hand shops for treasures and here, all the work was done for me. The prices were very reasonable too, definitely less that what I've paid in Vintage shops. 

In addition, there was a gorgeous flower stand, a chocolatier, and hand-made body products that day. For more info, go to or their blog

Here is some of what I saw (and bought):

Bought one of these necklaces, but with amethyst stone.
The vendor makes them herself.



Pretty rings

Plants, flowers... anddd cacti 

Bought that Vintage Harley T, sleeves are already cut off.
The Loverboy T was pretty sweet too!

Great vintage clothes everywhere!

Bought the Mexican flower embroidered blouse (top left).

Vintage hats, head scarves and hand mirror

View from the back

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