Sunday, 19 February 2012

jewelry- organized

I thought I'd post on ways to organize your jewelry. In the past, I'd always used jewelry boxes, which got far too full (especially once I discovered Forever 21 and H&M) and difficult to navigate through. On a trip to "Homesense" years ago, I'd purchased the piece shown below without any use in mind. Once I got it home, I realized it didn't hold much as far as coats, etc. 

I decided to hang it up for all of my necklaces and have since loved it! It's so much easier to see what I have when I'm getting ready each day. My valuable and smaller necklaces are still in my jewelry box, but this works perfectly for all of my fun accessories:

I also love what my friend Lindsay has done for her jewelry. She found a vintage photo frame and screwed little hooks on the inside to hang her necklaces on. It's so practical, yet decorative in her bedroom. For her rings and bracelets, she uses little glass bowls and a tiered plate stand for earrings and more bracelets. Very organized!

Here are some more great ideas:

Similar to what Lindsay did, this uses string
to hold earrings.
This takes more skill, but screw a branch into a piece of
wood for a cool jewelry holder
Love this ring holder made from an old cigar box
and sweater. For directions check out Craftside
Martha Stewart suggests vintage tea cups and
saucers for holding jewelry.
Transform a bathroom cabinet into an accessory
holder. Vintage is even better! 
Pop bottle bracelet holder idea from decoratrix
Brilliant! Add some hooks to a cutlery tray and voila.

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