Saturday, 11 February 2012

Model Crush: Ashley Smith

I first noticed this girl as the face of Topshop in late 2010 (when their cosmetics line was introduced, see last 2 photos). Immediately, I was drawn to her gap tooth smile, cute little nose and amazing features. Her look is fairly safe, yet unique enough to make her memorable. It's refreshing to see a model whose body is a tad curvier than the typical, I mean... she actually has breasts! Because of this, many compare her to Lara Stone, but she actually reminds me of an edgier-looking Anna Nicole Smith, combined with Georgia Jagger.

A 21 yr old Texan girl, she was actually discovered at the SXSW music festival, and has since landed Diesel, Alexander Wang and Levis campaigns. I am definitely feeling what she brings to the camera; brave in her poses and able to expose raw emotion, even silliness. All I know, is she is so freaking hot... definitely my fave new Model at the moment!

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