Tuesday, 14 February 2012


V-Day Gift

Here are some pretty safe bets for last minute gifts I think most women would appreciate.

If you are broke, or just didn't get a chance to get a gift for the one you love on Valentine's, there is no reason to not do something sweet. Especially you Men out there! We Women love romance and to feel appreciated.

Here are some ideas to bring a little romance into your Valentine's... or any other day really:

Cook, why not make a salad and cut the red peppers into little hearts.
Flower petals, candles, romance.
Write a poem or meaningful note.
Heart shaped mold to form rice krispie squares, jello, cake etc.
Frame a photo.
Love coupons.
Sing a song.
Cinnamon hearts.
Burn a CD mix.
Draw a picture.

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