Tuesday, 10 January 2012


I love statement jewelry to go with all of the different styles I wear, they really can complete the look. A little rock n' roll, some delicate and feminine, some art deco-inspired and some bohemian style. If it wasn't for Forever 21, there is no way I would own such a variety! Their prices are so low! The quality isn't the greatest, but I realize I'm going for quantity/trends over quality when shopping there.

I have also purchased nice pieces in other stores for amazing deals (check for sales at The Bay, Suzy Shier, Aldo, Costa Blanca and Urban Behaviour). In addition, I have found great jewelry from street vendors, stone and jem shops or items that family have brought me from Mexico.

Here are some of my fave pieces that I found at a Dollar Store of all places:

Whenever I go to Whistler, I spend so much time browsing at the Rock & Gem shop. The prices are low, but for even less, you can just buy pendants and put on chains you already own.

I was lucky enough to receive these silver pieces from my Aunt, which she brought back from her vacation in Mexico. I love that they don't look like all the other jewelry I see around. For example, I was thrilled about the Mayan calendar bracelet (bottom)!

Items from Forever 21 in collage (top):

Forever 21 stone ring
$6.80 - forever21.com

Forever 21 gemstone necklace
$10 - forever21.com

Forever 21 antique filigree ring
$3.80 - forever21.com

Forever 21 filigree ring
$7.80 - forever21.com

Forever 21 chain necklace
$7.80 - forever21.com

Forever 21 fringe necklace
$8.80 - forever21.com

Forever 21 long beaded necklace
$7.80 - forever21.com

Forever 21 chain necklace
$7.80 - forever21.com

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