Saturday, 7 January 2012



As juvenile as it might seem, sometimes I'm in the mood to look cute. At the school I teach at, many of the Asian girls bring in Japanese magazines, which I love to browse through. Many of the styles they wear make them look like adorable little dolls. Some can take it a little too far though and look kind of scary-cute (see bottom).

If you want to check out a Japanese fashion magazine, you might want to start with ViVi. It's my fave because it is jam packed with looks, sans the creepy-looking/extreme Photoshop-ed pictorials.


Forget about one outfit per page, these mags are FULL of style ideas:

To me, this is when things get a little creepy:

All items in collage (top) at Forever 21:

Forever 21 long top
$20 -

Forever 21 top
$5.50 -

Forever 21 ribbed tight
$9.80 -

Forever 21 ribbed tight
$9.80 -

Forever 21 strappy heels
$23 -

Forever 21 ballerina shoes
$16 -

Forever 21 quilted handbag
$23 -

Forever 21 rhinestone bow ring
$2.80 -

Forever 21 hair bow accessory
$5.80 -

Forever 21 sparkly hair accessory
$4.80 -

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