Saturday, 7 January 2012



A woman's back can definitely be a great area to accentuate. Many of these styles work especially well for those who can go bra-less. For those who prefer not to, try a sheer bra, stick-ons (like Barelifts, which I can't say I've ever tried) or a bra with an extra low back. I've posted some other options at the bottom.

Urban Outfitters
Sale (l-r): $14.99/$49.99/$79.99 

Dresses (L-R): Sale $39/$19.99/$49.99
Tops: Sale $19.99/$49.99

Here are a couple of bras that can work with this look:

Fashion Form U-Plunge Bodysuit
Fashion Forms Strapless/Backless Bra

Forever21 turtleneck dress
$30 -
ASOS cut out bodycon dress
300 DKK -

Open back dress
$82 -

Racer back tank
$84 -

Forever 21 cut out top
$15 -

ASOS sleeveless tank
$47 -

$55 -

$30 -

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  1. As I was a totally flat-chested in my early 20's it was the back and leg exposure that added sex appeal. Still fond of it to this day.


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