Monday, 23 January 2012


Okay, so time for another celebrity whose style I am inspired by. This round it's stylist extraordinaire, Rachel Zoe. Since watching her show, I have not only been inspired by her style, but also her work ethic! She might sound "like totally" of out of it (LOL), but she really seems like a kind-hearted, hardworking and intelligent woman.

Mainly inspired by 60's and 70's, you will find her in many flowy Bohemian looks (loves her caftans) and Disco era sequin tunics and dresses. You'll rarely find her wearing flats; I was impressed with how she rocked stiletto, platform, thigh-high boots while 9 months pregnant. She mixes different textures into her look and is amazing at layering and accessorizing. There is a lot of bad press about her being too thin, but she definitely seems like a work-a-holic, who probably barely makes time to eat. Either way, she knows how to dress for her body and looks great.

Last year Rachel launched her own high-end line (she already has another through QVC). Although I know she isn't a proper designer, I'm loving what she is putting out, probably based on her archives, taste and knowledge of fashion.

Here are just some of my favourite looks she's worn:

Here's some of what her line "Rachel Zoe" has to offer

Here's a peak at her Resort 2012 collection:

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