Saturday, 14 January 2012


So I talk the talk, but do I walk the walk? I started this blog to try to help people find clothing, accessories and beauty items that aren't too costly. I know so many people are in moderate to severe debt these days and some don't seem to realize that every penny does really count. I do work and I enjoy fashion, however, I don't want to rack up my credit cards and live in stress and worry to be able to shop. I want to live within my means, which in reality, aren't that high.

Admittedly, I do like a good variety and get bored quite easily. Lets call it fashion A.D.D., so I tend to go more towards quantity over quality. However, I do try to find items that are the highest quality I can find, at the lowest price (which is why I love a good sale!).

I have never been ashamed to tell people what great deals my items were. In fact, this is why I am excited to share what I find with you each week! Some of the outfits I've worn to special events have cost so little, it almost makes me want to laugh (I'll show you some examples soon ;). If I am not rich, why should I be dressing as if I am anyways?

Here is what I bought over the holidays:

To start, Forever 21 had a "Buy One, Get One Free" Sale, so I made sure to take advantage. I needed almost all new jeans since my size changed, so I loaded up! The fits are surprisingly good! I've also been eyeing up these boots which went on sale.
Paid the sale price of $27.99 for these boots,
and got the $23.99 jeans below for free! 

Paid the sale price of $16.99 for these,
and got the jeans below for free.

Paid $18.99 for these and got the pair below for free. 
So for $63.97 CDN, I purchased 5 pairs of useful jeans and 
pair of shoes! That is less than the average pair of jeans
and to me, they don't look cheap or ugly on LOL.

Also from F21 this $4.80 necklace, which I featured
in the "POP!" blog post. I love the neon colour and
think it will be quite useful.

Now onto Urban Outfitters. I've been looking for some leather
pumps as seen in my "Pump It" blog post. These were by far
the best deal. BDG suede pumps for only $24.99. 
I loved the Isabel Marant fringe boots, as featured in my
"sweater-dress" post, so I grabbed these suede
 boots on 
sale for only $34.99 at Urban Outfitters
In order to get free shipping (within the US) from Urban
Outfitters, I had to add a bit more to my order, 

so I opted for this $9.99 floppy hat.
Another amazing sale at Forever 21, I got this coat
during a "1/2 off Outerwear" sale for just $32.98!

Loved and included in my "sweater-dress" post, got this when
it went 
on sale at Zara for only $29.99. In addition, I bought
a black version on sale for 
$19.99 from Joe Fresh (which I 
got for free using PC Points at Superstore).

All these items for just $201.78!!! 

That could easily be a single pair of jeans or boots, yet I feel more than set with a variety of clothes 
and shoes to get me through this and even some of next season! I'm feeling pretty "done", so now 
back to saving $ for a trip I am planning for April :) 

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