Tuesday, 17 January 2012



Not sure if it's the St.Patrick's Day garb I've seen while out and about, but I'm feeling the need for some green makeup looks! Back when I worked at MAC, so many girls would come in and be attracted to the green shadows, but would say it scared them because they had no idea how to wear it!

Here is one possible way to make it work, without looking super-tacky:

1. Start with dewy foundation for a fresh look, I love MAC Face & Body. Add concealer where needed.
2. Cover entire eye with a soft shadow (Ricepaper or Shroom from MAC are good), then apply a shimmering green shadow around the eye (like the Lancome Mermaid Blue-Green or Jest from MAC). Here is the key: don't bring the shadow too high, almost wear it around your eye like you would a smudgy eyeliner. Another option is actually a green liner smudged (try Covergirl Green Glow or Nars Celebrate Shadow stick).
3. Curl lashes and apply an extra-lengthening mascara, such as L'Oreal Voluminous. Add some long lashes if you'd like.
4.  Finish off with a peachy pink blush and lips. Try Urban Decay Afterglow in Indecent (a cream blush will keep the look fresh and dewy) and Armani Lipstick in Pink 521

Love Jennifer's more subtle look, using soft shadows and sheering down the lips with gloss. 
Leona goes bolder with green eyeliner and a heavier application of lip and cheek colours.

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